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can you see what companies view your website (any page)

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I sell sponsorship for a small Accountancy/IT networking forum and would like to be able to see who (either generic business or personal name) views our website. If i feel they're relevant i would like to contact them about attending one of our events.

Is the possible? Preferably free of charge


I am completely in the dark, technology is not my forte so please explain thoroughly.



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Re: can you see what companies view your website (any page)

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Hi Emma - no personally identifiable information should find its way into Google Analytics. Yet for B2B site you can use a report which in some cases may expose the business (person from a business who visited your site using their network). Go To Audience > Technology > Network - in most cases you will report on generic ISP provider but not always.

Happy hunting.

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Re: can you see what companies view your website (any page)

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Hi Emma,


Google does not provide this data & in fact they are very strict about people not using analytics to collect personal data especially without the users knowledge.


Analytics terms of use: (Read # 7)

Google privacy policy:


One of the unique characteristics that makes the internet so awesome is anonymity.

So short story NO


But there are ways you can get people that visit your site to give you this info.

  1. Try and get them to register on forum (make it easy using facebook or google logins)
  2. Provide quality content so that they subscribe to newsletter
  3. Create whitepapers about your industry
  4. Advertise your events on your forum


I hope that helps. Smiley Very Happy