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Widget filter by condition 1 -or- condition 2

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I'm setting up dashboards for the different departments in my company. One of those departments is education. Our visitors can choose a theme of education they'd like to see more about, which gives an overview page of all available seminars surrounding this theme. These URLs are, e.g.






The seminars themselves contain the following





I already made a view with a filter, only showing the results on pages containing /education/, so I can give access to the head of this department. To make things easier for them, not being analytic-savvy at all, is to give them a dashboard with a quick overview on some key statistics. One of those would be 'what are the top 10 themes clicked by our visitors' - aka, how many times did a theme page get visited.


How do I filter this in a table widget? The expressions I use in filter view do not work here (I cannot filter to only show theme-1|theme-2|theme-3 for example). Showing all seminars would mix up the actual seminars due to the URL structure. How can I get this widget to work?



Re: Widget filter by condition 1 -or- condition 2

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so what you want to know?
1. Pageviews, unique pageviews, bounce rate, % exit etc. of pages /education/seminars/seminar-1 and /education/seminars/seminar-2
2. How many people choose theme-1 and theme-2 in for example /education/seminars/

So if I use a seminar-1 and choose theme you give me URL /education/seminars/theme-1 ?
If yes, you can built 4 segments for these with sequences.

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Re: Widget filter by condition 1 -or- condition 2

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When you're configuring the filter are you choosing "Regular expression"?



Re: Widget filter by condition 1 -or- condition 2

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How did I not see this option...

Thank you!