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View Filter full domain names for Cross domain tracking

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Hi there,


I recently set up cross domain tracking using the steps described here:


It seems to be working (at least tags are firing according to the Google Tag Assistant) except for our reporting view, which after applying the filter that is supposed to make it display full domain names (described in detail here: displays no traffic at all. I did have to update the primary domain from ga.js to analytics.js, so I wouldn't rule out the idea that I messed something up somewhere.


My two domains are and


Any ideas? Common mistakes? Thanks in advance!

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Re: View Filter full domain names for Cross domain tracking

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Hi Wing Luke museum,

I'd have to see your filter set up to be able to comment on that; however, you've made a common mistake. You really do not need cross domain tracking in your case. is just a sub-domain and does not require cross domain tracking. Basically cross-domain tracking is set up to solve a first party cookie problem bu tin this case you are using the same account and using the 'auto' function to specify where the cookie is set - which is at In essence GA sees this as the same site so , again, cross-domain is not needed.

You can create views that breakout the subdomain(s) if you want by using an include and hostname. Please remember that you should always have at least one view that has no filters applied.

Feel free to post a screenshot or link to a screenshot of your filter configuration - but you may not need it.


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Re: View Filter full domain names for Cross domain tracking

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Hi Theo,


Thanks for the response! It turns out there is no action needed. The new filter is working fine going forward from the date of creation. Not sure why it doesn't show anything before then, but we can always look at the unfiltered view to get at that information.


Regarding the necessity of cross domain tracking, it seems like we did need it in this case. I know that it should be able to track subdomains without it, but they weren't showing up before, even with a filter that breaks them out. I think this might have to do with being hosted offsite by a different web host than


In any case, thanks for getting back to me. Hopefully this may be of some use to someone in the future.