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Using Regex Filter for a report

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I want to filter for pages that start with /hotel/  but then I want to exclude pages that have another "/" after that point.   

For instance, I WANT to include these pages:


But I do NOT want pages like the following:


The problem is that the text after the 3rd slash can be almost anything.  Is there a regex expression that tells GA to stop at the 3rd slash or some other way to do this?

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Re: Using Regex Filter for a report

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Advanced regex lesson:  [quick oops fix]
The caret symbol ( ^ ) can be used to mean NOT if it is enclosed in square brackets. If it is used outside square brackets, it means the start of the term.
The dollar sign ( $ ) means end of the expression, and the plus sign ( + ) means one-or-more of the preceding character.
Regex is greedy, meaning if will match anything, anywhere in the term if it can.

Here is your expression:

^/hotel/ starts with /hotel/
[^/]+ followed by one or more characters that are NOT /

/   followed by a slash

[^/]+ followed by one or more characters that are NOT /

 $ prevents a partial match followed by a /

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