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Unique user count for a particular page based on the a selected period of time

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Hi All


I am trying to get the unique user count for a particular page based on a selected period of time split by month. I manage to get for the overall website but can I drill down to a particular page? 

Re: Unique user count for a particular page based on the a selected period of time

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Be careful using the Users metric -- it is ALWAYS unique users, but it is affected by any and ALL dimensions in your report.

For example, if you display a dashboard widget with a single number, it will count the unique users for the time period.

If you display a chart of Users per day, that will show the unique users for each day in the report. If a user visits 2 days in a row, they will be counted in BOTH days, so you CANNOT add up all the days to get the total unique users for the whole time period.

If you report by Medium or Channel, and a User visits by more than one channel in the time period, that User will appear in BOTH channels -- you CANNOT add the numbers to get the total number of Users.

The Users count for TODAY in unreliable, because Google does some post-processing that de-duplicates the users, and that may not happen until the end of the day. If you include Today in the date range, your numbers could be affected -- notice that the default date range ends at yesterday....for a reason.

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