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Unique Events by unique user

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Hi there, 


I have set up a campaign on a social media platform with UTM tagging on the ad.


When the new user comes via this ad to my website and submit a form, an event "Submitted Form" gets fired.


I have two questions regarding this:


1) How does it come that there is a difference  between how many submitted forms I got in the reality and the unique event numbers of "Submitted Form" which has the same utm_source with the ad?


2) How does it come that the user numbers is lower than the unique event numbers when I via Google Analytics Ads On Spreadsheet check how many users with the same utm_source tag the "Submitted Form" event fired? 





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January 2017

Unique Events by unique user

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Hey Kutlu, 


If i understood you correctly here is the answer to your questions: 


#1 (a)Remember that Google Analytics operates on an aggregated data method. Meaning that they're using data sampling and because of this sometimes the data doesn't add up. 


(b) Trying running a "custom report" and re-checking your data to see if the number of actual submits matches up with your unique event submits. Within a certain threshold custom reports should use all your data and not aggregated it with sampling. 


#2 Again we're talking about aggregated data. That being said a user can submit multiple events if he triggers another session. 


Read the following article to understand how unique events will not always prevent a user submitting multiples of the same event to be counted.


Let me know if this answers your question! 

- Josh

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