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Tracking phenomenons

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Foreword: I am thinking of developing a method that will allow me to explain (and possibly predict) lyrical tendencies in (mostly) contemporary music.

So I'm quite aware of the scale of information available through the combined services of google and I was wondering how I would go about finding information about the origins of certain phrases or themes in music by comparing individual incidences.

E.g. I want to find out who, why, when, the phrase "everybody f***** jump" appears prominently in certain branches of music.

So what I'm thinking is that you start by tracking the phrase's appearance through various lyrics sites. Then you crossreference that information with the artists' biographies to find dates.
By now you should definitely be able to create a timeline showing where and when it started.

Then I suppose I would extend the search to "similar" phrases, and quite possibly start doing analysis of the lyrics to find common themes (I would do analysis of the tracks too but I don't know any tools yet that can do this much).


Anyway. So far all I got is the overall plan of execution, and ATLAS.ti, for the lyrics analysis, (still working on how I would integrate that with google) but it's completely insignificant if I can't gather the data first. And lastly, all of this will of course be wasted if the technique is not somehow publicly available, as per CUDOS.
So any help would be appreciated.

- the techno-anthropologist

P.S. I'm sure that there are many other possible avenues for this to be used in, but to keep it simple, and achieve my own goals, I'm attempting to keep this case very narrow. Hopefully someone else will find other uses from this and thus the circle of science will be complete.

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Re: Tracking phenomenons

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Dear Albert,

Your question might be on the wrong forum, as this is a product support community for Google Analytics. Unfortunately "lyrical tendencies in contemporary music" is not my area of expertise, but I imagine that there are other sources that can help you. Have you tried "Google Scholar"  or the "Arts and Humanities Citation Index"?


Good luck with your observational study.



Re: Tracking phenomenons

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Note to Albert Frøkjær G,

This off-topic post - which has nonetheless received a kind and useful reply - has been closed to new replies, per our Community Guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding.