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Tracking clicks on homepage to subpages

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Looking to track the next page or where people click after landing on the homepage.  To me the obvious would be Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages > [select page]  and adding a secondary dimension of next page path.  However that leads to the [select page] appearing again.  


I don't manage setting up the tracking codes on our website, I just pulling the reports.  


Any insight would be appreciated! 

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Tracking clicks on homepage to subpages

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Hi @Jennifer L,


You should use 'Second Page' dimension to achieve this not next page path. I know its name is a bit confusing many Google Analytics users. Smiley Happy


I hope this helps.


Tracking clicks on homepage to subpages

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Hey Jennifer,


You got some good advice from @Güney K; that said, have you tried the Navigation Summary tab from the all pages report?  You can select any page and see entrances, previous pages and next pages.  The user flow report also does this on steroids.  Lastly the Page Analytics plugin from the Chrome store will show you clicks on unique links.




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