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Tracking Individual URLs traffic change based on Location

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Hello community members.


I need your help in tracking individual posts traffic change based on location. For example I want to track the percentage change of traffic of individual posts based on location. So that I can know from which country the traffic has increased for a particular post on daily,weekly or monthly basis.


There is option available under Benchmarking>Location but it does not show the traffic change for individual posts.


Is this possible through Analytics? If yes how?

If not possible, what other options I have to achieve this.


I will really appreciate your help regarding this type of tracking.



Bilal Ahmad

Re: Tracking Individual URLs traffic change based on Location

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Hi Bilal,

I think it is possible, but my first question would be, why would you like to monitor this? Especially on a daily basis?
In my opinion this data should be actionable. If it is actionable for you and you are really going to use it to improve/optimize your website outcome, then go on. If not, re-think what information you really need.

In Google Analytics you have all the information you need:
- Landing page (dimension)
- Country (dimension)
- Landing page sessions or entrances (metric)

If you combine this information you can re-structure your initial question. However, this is something I would not try to replicate IN Google Analytics.

You rather want to use an external tool. This Google Sheets add-on can help you out to automatically export the data that you need on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Link to add-on:


Link to metrics and dimensions overview:

Then it comes down to your knowledge of formulas and visuals in Excel to turn your data into actionable insights.

I hope this helps you in the right direction!