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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Subdomain filtering going awry on new views after enabling User-ID

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We have one main GA property that the website uses, along with about 10 products on subdomains --such as,, and also as and . Most of these connect to the property via GTM. 


Each product has its own view, filtering to the subdomain; and for products sharing a subdomain, an additional filter defining the pathname. E.g.:


View url =


1) Include hostname ^data\.clientsite\.org

2) Include only traffic to the subdirectories that begin with /product3/


 This has been working smoothly until recently:


We've recently just enabled User ID on the main property, specifically to track profiles that are in use on and to see which of the other products those logged in users are going to.


All of the new views we've created (for new products) since activating User ID  seem to be ignoring the above 2 filters. This applies to both User ID views and non-User ID views. Each new view is now showing traffic to all kinds of different products and subdomains and pathnames, ignoring these filters. And yet these views are not identical--they are including that product + all these other products.


This is not happening with the older views we created earlier,  pre-User ID activation on the property (all of which were *not* created with User-ID Reports enabled, since they predated that option being available). 


To troubleshoot: we have also created additional test views giving the new product views their own URL instead of the shared url. So test views have a url of or instead. These views are getting the same results: traffic to other products/subdomains/folders are showing up and not being filtered. 

Any clue what's happening here? I don't see why enabling User-ID on the property should cause these filters to fail on new views, regular views and User-ID views alike. Again, all of the older views using identical filters (but to different products) work fine.


I'm new to tracking with User ID and can't find any posts with similar issues. Am I missing something obvious here?  I can't find anything documented mentioning incompatibility with User ID and include filters.


Thanks in advance!