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Source Property Tracking ID - use case

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I wanted to discourage spam in analytics and I spotted "Source Property Tracking ID" filter, last position in Content and Traffic.

Problem is that this was skipped from Custom filter fields documentation 

I tried this config but my Real Time stoped.

Am I doing something wrong or filter is retired / beta / etc ?


Thanks for help.









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January 2017

Source Property Tracking ID - use case

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Hi Radu,


Just wanted to let you know one important thing about GA (maybe you already know it, maybe not). Smiley Happy If you test new filters, always do it in your test view first and make sure that you keep one view unfiltered as well. You should have at least 3 views in GA:


1) Master view (the main view)

2) Test view (where you can test new filters)

3) Unfiltered view (raw data view where you never add new filters)


If you'd like to reduce spam traffic, you should create a hostname filter in GA. Here you can find a great guide that will help you as well. 


Do you have a Google Analytics premium account?

Source property tracking ID is valid only for roll-up properties. Roll-up properties serve as aggregators of the data from multiple Source Properties. So it's not something that you can use in order to get rid of spam.


Hope this helps.


Source Property Tracking ID - use case

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Hi Taavi,


It helps indeed. I have a hostname filter, but no info about "Source Property Tracking ID", and I thought I missed something.

Thanks for clarification. Hopefully GA Team will put up something.