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Site Search and Query Parameter Filters

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If I create a Filter in a view that strips all query parameter strings, will that filter occur before the Site Search process? Meaning I won't be able to record my site search terms because the designated query parameter will be stripped off before Site Search? Any suggestions if that is what happens to get a view with no query strings but still be able to capture Site Search?
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January 2016

Re: Site Search and Query Parameter Filters

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Hi Jeff - Filters mostly trump all settings - so when you strip query params with view filter site search will not work by default.

A workaround would be something like this:
1. Create filter which preserver the query param value from Request URI to a Custom Field
2. Edit request URI and add something like .../search/search-term/...
3. Remove all query params
4. Push /search/(.*)/$ $A1 to Site Search Term field

Before you do any of this create a new view and test on the new view.

Other options are to send data to GA with already prepared page dimension so you do not have to mess with filters so instead of /?searchKey=someValue you would send /search/someValue/.

Hope it helps!

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