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Setup some goals and next day traffic dropped to zero

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Yesterday I setup the following goals on a website:


Engaged visitors - tracks those who are on the site 3 or more mins


Multi page visit - for people that visit 3 or more pages


Newsletter sign-up - a destination goal set to the thank you page after someone signs up


Now I have checked the site traffic everything has dropped to zero, I guess one of these goals is the reason then?


I should also add that this is in a master view and I made an unfiltered view as backup some weeks ago when I also applied some filters to stop spam traffic (these worked and didnt cause any problems btw) I never checked the unfiltered view after that though and I can see now that it shows zero stats since I created it apart from yesterday when it showed full daily traffic, the exact same day when my master went down to zero.


Does anyone have an idea whats happened here?



Setup some goals and next day traffic dropped to zero

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I just remembered something else, I added this script in the header of the site to track outbound ads links and then added the  rel="nofollow" onclick="trackOutboundLink code to each outbound link I wanted to track, could this be causing problems too?


* Function that tracks a click on an outbound link in Analytics.
* This function takes a valid URL string as an argument, and uses that URL string
* as the event label. Setting the transport method to 'beacon' lets the hit be sent
* using 'navigator.sendBeacon' in browser that support it.
var trackOutboundLink = function(url) {
ga('send', 'event', 'outbound', 'click', url, {
'transport': 'beacon',
'hitCallback': function(){document.location = url;}



EDIT: one last thing, I have another site that I setup the exact same goals on at the same time and the traffic there is reporting fine including data from the new goals I did not however setup the outbound link tracking though so I guess thats the culprit then and if so why?