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Sequence with Event and a certain product purchase

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Hi all,


I need to create a report where I should analyze that how many products where purchased after a certain event was fired. 


So I have an event, and a product. Let's suppose the following:


Event Category: Product promotion pop-up

Event Action: Clicked OK

Product: XY Product


So I need the sessions where the user clicked OK on the pop-up, and after that, in the same session she/he purchased the XY product. 


I tried with advanced segments (sequence), the first step is for the Event Category to be Product promotion pop-up, and the second step is the product to be XY, and the last is that the transactions per sessions are greater than 0. And a next filter is the event action to be : OK. 


The results are showing me that the event filter is working correctly, however it shows me lots of sessions where not the XY product was purchased, but an other one, whic is differnet than XY.


How can I set this up?

Sequence with Event and a certain product purchase

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When you create this segment you're choosing Include Sessions or Include Users?
You should choose Include Sessions otherwise segment will include all sessions of users which met your criteria at least in one session.

Please share a screenshot of your segment configuration.



Sequence with Event and a certain product purchase

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Hi Tomasz,


Thanks for the reply. I choose to include sessions.



Sequence with Event and a certain product purchase

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If you use enhanced e-commerce tracking on your website the segment will not work as you expected.

Product data are sent with many different actions like product details view, add to cart, display product on the list, etc. When you filter by "Product" dimension all the hits with the product are included in filtering process.

Someone could see specific product or even add it to the cart but never purchased it. His session will be included because product data was sent to Analytics.

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Sequence with Event and a certain product purchase

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I don't think you advanced segment will work here because of the following:

1. Clicked on the Product Promotion Popup.

2. Clicked OK

3. Product XY



N. Completed the Transaction


In between the steps, a user can do anything on the Product, like deleting the product from cart & added a different product & completed the Order.


Ideally, your segment will provide the sessions who clicked on the promotion and completed the Transaction irrespective of the product.


I don't think you will be able to extract what you desired here, but worth give it a try by changing the segment


1. Add immediate step between 2nd and 3rd, might be the first step of the checkout funnel, and change the sequence condition to immediately followed by.


2. Your 3rd condition will be 4th condition here and kee this as it is.


Here we are trying to see whether the user is immediately entered into the checkout funnel or not after looking at the promotion.


But again this will also won't provide you with 100% accuracy.