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Sequence Segments: Please clarify followed by vs. immediately followed

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I have reviewed the documentation, forums and blog posts but couldnt fully clarify following details on sequence segments.





According to the documentations when scope is selected as users immediately followed means the "next session". just followed by means any later sessions. 

first 2 examples on the documentations makes it clear:


But conditions in these examples are session level. Browser, country etc. So, followed by criterion have to be on session level. 


If one or both steps are hit level what does immediately and just followed by criterion mean?

Combinations are:

1) Hit-Hit (first step hit level e.g. page, second step is also hit level)

2) Hit-Session (first step hit level, second step is session level e.g.device, browser, country)

3) Session-Hit (first step session, then second step hit level)

4) Session-Session (this is obvious, as the examples in documentation is describing this situation)


Possible answers I can think of are:

a) Same session any hit

b) Same session next hit

c) Next session any hit

d) Same session, next session or any later session any hit

e) Next Session (In the documetation this is the first example)

f) Next or any later session (in the documentation this is the second example)


I couldnt get a clear result by working on the data, or any research. My best guesses are below. But I cant be sure about how these work. Can anyone who has deep understanding on how this works comment whether these guesses are correct?


for immediately followed by:

1) Hit-Hit: b) Same session next hit

2) Hit-Session: e) Next Session

3) Session-Hit:I cant guess


for just followed by:

1) Hit-Hit: d) Same session, next session or any later session any hit

2) Hit-Session: f) Next or any later session

3) Session-Hit:I cant guess


Well second question is the same question above but for session scope "include sessions" situation instead of user scope. 


I'm struggling to verify the results some segments I have created. Besides, this is good opportunity to understand the all capabilities of GA segments. 


Thanks anyone helping.




Re: Sequence Segments: Please clarify followed by vs. immediately followed

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Really, you only have one mystery: Hit->hit.
The rest are all session->session since you can't sequence session scoped dimensions at the hit level. A session scoped dimension is an attribute of that session where the timing of when it was set isn't relevant. That said, I don't really know the answer to the 'hit->hit' question, but let me know if you figure it out.

You can probably test it by creating the same hit->hit segment for both a user and a session level segment and then applying to something like a path report and then starting the path report at the first hit of your sequence.