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Separating search data from 3 separate query parameters (not categories)

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I have 3 separate search boxes on my site that I'm wanting to capture search terms for.  They each have a separate search parameter:





I've added all 3 to the 'Query Parameter' field in the 'Site Search Settings':

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.06.04 AM.png



When I look at Behaviour>Site Search>Search Terms, all of the search terms from across the three search boxes are all listed together (i.e. mixed together).  Is there a way to filter out these terms or group them in some way?  I want to see what search terms users are entering into each of the three distinctive search boxes.


From what I can understand, these aren't categories as they aren't additional search filters being applied to a search.  


Thanks for any help you can provide.


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Separating search data from 3 separate query parameters (not categories)

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Hi @Natasha H - as a first solution you could add a secondary dimension 'Destination Page' which will actually show you the which of the search types was used for each specific query (not as clean as it could be but server the purpose and can easily be filtered). 


As a second,more robust solution, only for further tracking, a filter may be used to extract the query parameter which can then later be used as Search Category - a bit more complex but also doable.


Kind regards,


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Separating search data from 3 separate query parameters (not categories)

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Hi @Zorin Escape,


The first option you gave me is a good quick route to see the search box the user started from. Thank you!


For the second option you referred to, would this be done as a custom filter in the admin?  (i.e go to the View in the Admin panel, and then create a custom filter?)  When I look at the custom filter fields options in the drop-down I only see 'Search Term' and 'Site Search Category' as filter fields -- there doesn't appear to be an option for query parameter.  Any tips?