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Segment including more data than expected

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Hi all:


I have a segment set up for which I would like it to filter out session data for a specific page. I have the filter set up like so:


Filter -- Sessions -- Include

Page EXACTLY MATCHES /sample-area/page


I am expecting this segment to return ONLY the session data for /sample-area/page. However, when I set this filter, I get session data from completely unrelated URLs (EX: the root (/), URLs not under /sample-page or named the same). So for the sake of this example, the totals I get back here are 2500 users / 4600 sessions.


When I change the filter like so, I get what I think is the correct data:


Filter -- Sessions -- Exclude

Page DOES NOT EXACTLY MATCH /sample-area/page


Under this condition, the totals I get back are 815 users / 1300 sessions (which is way more realistic). What I am not comprehending here, is why the first condition does not return the same results as the second condition. In my head, the second condition is just a "negative" copy of the first one. 


Can someone explain why this is and/or what I'm doing wrong here?





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Re: Segment including more data than expected

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Hello McCabe, when you create a segment to include a particular page you are not filtering by page but by session, so you will see the other pages that the users saw in the same session besides the one you are specifying. Here is a recent discussion about this topic

Hope it helps,

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Re: Segment including more data than expected

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Hi Carlos:

That link is bad.

Also, not sure that still really explains why the same logical filter brings back wildly different results here?
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Re: Segment including more data than expected

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Hello McCabe,

When you apply first of your segment the way you specified in "All Pages" report you're actually asking Google Analytics to do something like this: Show me what other pages have been seen in session in which "Page XYZ" have also been seen? In analogy your second segment ask GA to show you something opposite.

If you want to see how many sessions were on particular page then filter All Pages report to show you only that particular page and look at "Unique Pageviews" metric. That in fact is your number of sessions. Google explains the rationale and explicitly recommends using abovementioned metric here:

Hope it helps.