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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Segment filters vs. Widget filters: Same setting, different data?

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Hello everyone,


I stumbled upon this: I have a website that has two product categories: '/apples/' and '/oranges/'. So I built a custom dashboard for each category and set a matching filter inside each widget like: Only show 'Page' 'contains' '/apples/'. Data looks fine, but when I delete the filter and build a segment that has a filter that says 'Page' 'contains' '/apples/' it gives me totally different data for sessions / users / whatever. Both filters look the same to me, that's why I am a bit confused here.. Can anyone pls help me figure out what's wrong here?


Thank you for your help in advance!


Best regards


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Re: Segment filters vs. Widget filters: Same setting, different data?

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Hi Thorsten,

this an issue when comparing segment vs filters in tables and session and hit dimensions / metrics combination.

When you create a segment where a condition is Page contains /apples this basically says show all data from all sessions / users where the dimension Page contained the value /apples. This in return - when you go to Behavior > All pages report - will show all pages from all sessions where /apples was a a part of it. Segment allows you to answer questions such as how did the users behave who have seen a page containing apples.

When you filter a widget by a dimension such as page you should use page as dimension and pageviews as metric and the filter does the following - it filters down the table of all page dimension values and shows only the pages containing /apples.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
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