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Referral exclusion and session - possible calculation ?

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In my GA view. There was no referral exclusion, hence the sessions are counted multiple time. Now wondering if there is any calculation that i can do to find the actual number of sessions or a close enough real numbers.


eg: is my main site. user goes to everytime the user login. This was not excluded and is considered as a referral site and been counting sessions. - 1000 sessions and - referred sessions is 100. Now should i calculate it as 1000 - 100 to get the real sessions (by ignoring that referral traffic sessions completely) or should i use any other calculation ?


Pageviews would be a big pain if i ignore these referral sources, then the pageviews would not have good data. Since most of the users login and then make most of the browsing. Let me know anyone has any suggestions or calculations that might help me.




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Referral exclusion and session - possible calculation ?

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Hey Navi, 


There will be no perfect answer to this since just like you said, you didn't Filter domain referrals (not referral exclusions which would prevent any traffic from being counted at all). That being said, I would recommend the following: 


#1 Make sure you do implement Filters for Domain Referrals (although technically Navi if you're using Analytics for Cross Sub-Domain tracking there should be a Filter for your sub-domain to prevent the triggering of a new session) .... so actually make sure that this is in place in the first place. If it is then you should be okay and you're data should be fine. If this is not in place, make sure to set it up right now:


#2 You can create a segment based on referrals from your sub-domain or vice versa to isolate certain referral traffic.


Let me know if this helps! 

- Josh

Joshua, Top Contributor
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