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Overall appointments compared to specific source in dashboard

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I have what I believe is a simple question I just cant seem to process the answer in my head (brain fart). So I have Goal 1 set up for appointments that are made on our site.


Through the Google URL builder, I have made a source/medium link for when people make an appointment via an email we send out rather than just directly from the site so we can track email success rates.


So early this morning to start the day there were 5 appointments made through the email link, but 7 overall appointments made. I have some widgets in a dashboard in G.A. that show Sessions from the email link, Completions from the email link, Conversion rate of the email link, and Overall appointments (completions) made.


I would like to make a widget that compares Completions from the email link to overall completions made (to be specific, showing the percentage of overall appointments 'competitions' made that were from the email link). Right now I only have the percentage of emails that completed that goal. Bit stuck on how to make this because when you use the filter option when making a widget to use the source/medium it was applying to both items I was comparing. Anyone have suggestions?



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December 2016

Overall appointments compared to specific source in dashboard

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Hi Vernon,


Kudos to your for coding your URL's!


So I'm not entirely clear on exactly what you want in your widget.  That said, I think you will probably need two widgets.  One filtered and one not.


Either way, I want to make sure you have a firm grasp on what you are looking at in GA.   If I come to your site via paid search, sign up for your emails, then click on a coded link from the email and for the rest of the year come back to the site every day by typing in your url or accessing a bookmark from the same browser - every session will show as coming from the email including the 365th visit where I decide to schedule an appointment.  


It's better to use Conversions>>Multi Channel Funnels to get an idea on how your marketing works together and unfortunately that is not available as a widget.


Hope that helps,


Theo Bennett

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