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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Our internal IPs constantly change - how to log them/feed them into GA for exclusion?

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Hi Everyone,
so filtering out an internal IP or range of IPs is easy enough. This would work great if my organization had only one IP that doesn't change. 
But in my office we have 7 IPs that constantly change (they're essentially consumer DSL connections with changing IPs). 

I'm sure many people are in this situation - maybe just with one or two IPs, but changing IPs are the default, right? 


What's the easiest way to solve this? Are there browser extensions that log the IP that we could install on a couple of machines? That could also catch the occasional demo'ing of our platform outside of our office.

IF we find a solution that creates a list of all internal IPs, is there a smarter way of entering them into the exclude filter (i.e. other than manually)?

Or should we go with another route, and exclude by referral, i.e. create a referral page that is only to detect internal use?


BTW we're an NGO helping refugees get an education, so we're a little low on tech staff. I hope asking for a solution that is this specific is OK.


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Our internal IPs constantly change - how to log them/feed them into GA for exclusion?

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Hi Flo, 

I have been into the same situation and have come up with a very innovative solution for filtering the internal traffic from reporting. 

A way of identifying the internal traffic is to Use UTM parameters in which when the user visits the website from a specific url, all the sessions reported can be excluded from the Google Analytics reports. 
1. Go to Google URL builder and insert the Website URl, Source, Medium, Campaign fields and click on generate url. 
2. Then you can spread this URL to your Team members and can bookmark this url for further usage of the website. 

This had worked for me, hope the same for you as well Smiley Happy 

Sahil Aggarwal
Skype: sahil_aggarwal31
Twitter: @digi_sahil31

Our internal IPs constantly change - how to log them/feed them into GA for exclusion?

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Hi @Florian R,


You can also consider to create a custom dimension assign its value depending on the user and create a filter based on it. If you assign a specific value for internal users, you can filter them with this way.


I hope this helps,


Our internal IPs constantly change - how to log them/feed them into GA for exclusion?

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Tricky - without a set of IP addresses to filter out, your ability to remove your own visits is always going to be less than perfect. However, there are a range of ways to do this. Using UTM parameters is an alternative, but there are some other methods as well:


- if you don't care about measuring your staff on the site, then you can ask staff to implement one of the many 'don't track' extensions out there. You may well be able to set these up to only block specific sites, or allow others, so that your use of the web is otherwise not disrupted. For example:


- You can use custom dimensions to identify staff. You can, for example, create a hidden page on your site which adds a user level custom dimension to the visitors computer. Ask your staff to visit that page - on all the devices they are using -  and you can then filter them out by using the custom dimension as a filter rule. This has the advantage that you can also create a view to see how your colleagues use the site i.e only include the custom dimension. If you are using Google Tag Manager then you can set this up easily.

John Wedderburn, Advertiser Community, Rising Star
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