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No experiment conversions in a segment

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We recently had an AB test on our homepage. After it completed, I wanted to dig into the results by looking at the breakdown of visits/conversions - in this case account registrations - across various subsets of our user base. 


When I use the Internet Explorer segment, no conversions are being shown for my Variation. Plenty of sessions have been counted, and in other data available to me I've checked that IE conversions did happen from the Variation during the test. I also checked (using Real-time Analytics) that the registration event that was the goal of my experiment is being triggered by an IE registration. That being the case, I don't know why the conversions aren't showing up in my experiment results, and it makes me worry about the rest of my results.


I also don't see any conversions in my Edge segment for the Variation (but I got so few for the Original that that may be accurate). Other browser segments (Firefox and Chrome) show conversions for both Original and Variation.


I thought this might be related to the sampling, as that's a problem I've had in the past. If I play with the precision slider, I can make the conversions for my Original go from 0 to 34 (in the IE segment), but the conversions for the Variation is still solidly stuck at 0 even at the highest precision.


Is there a way I can confirm for certain if this is a sampling issue, or if there's something preventing IE conversions being registered as part of my experiment (and if that's the case, any ideas what the problem could be?)