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Need help on how to fill filter pattern on User Defined variable

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I'm trying to create a View Filter based on variables defined by the Android developer. I'm defining the User Defined pattern via this steps: "Add Filter to View -> Create new Filter -> Filter Type -> Custom -> Include -> Filter Field -> User Defined -> Filter Pattern". 


The Android code is as follows:

tracker.setScreenName(tag); // screen name
params.put(FLAVOR, BuildConfig.FLAVOR); // ie x/y/z etc
params.put(DATETIME, dateTimeUtil.getSimpleTime()); // date/time
params.put(VERSION, version); // build version
params.put(BUILD, String.valueOf(build)); // build ie dev/qa/prod/release

// keys defined as:
private static final String FLAVOR = "flavor";
private static final String DATETIME = "date/time";
private static final String VERSION = "version";
private static final String BUILD = "build";

I want to filter based on BUILD. So, how do I fill up Filter Pattern? Any help is really appreciated.