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Lost data

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Hello, I hope someone can help me


In the beginning og this mounth i noticed that my companys website recieved a lot og visits from spam/bot sites. 

Therefor, I found some toturials on how to create filters to exclude these sites from analytics. However, something have gone verry wrong!


As I went to check up on our data, as my company has got a lot of exposure the past week, I saw that there have been no data since may 4th. when I made the filter.


So I have deleted the filter, and checked all settinings to make sure nothing says exclude, but there is still no data.


My question is, do anyone have experience with this and know what I did wrong.

and scecond, how to I fix it? can I get the data from this period back or is it just lost?


Kind regards 


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Re: Lost data

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Hi Birgitte,

If someone installed a bunch of bot filters incorrectly (for example a hostname exclusion instead of a hostname inclusion) that would cause tracking to disappear despite proper on-site installation.

Hope this helps.


Re: Lost data

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Check your code in the website.Is it ok?

Re: Lost data

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Thanks that is probably what happend. I found one more place I had excluded the hostnames, but I asume it will take a little while before I can see the results.

Do you know if the data is completely lost by this, or just hidden so I can get them back?