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LeaveRate of Different Devices for certain web pages

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So I just started using Google Analytics (the demo version, so all info is from the Google Merchandise Store) and been trying to get some insights. What I would like to know is the bounce rates for different devices (desktop, mobile and tablet) for different pages within the Google Merchandise Store. So for example, I want to see what the bounce rate is at the checkout page for the different devices. Cuz it would be interesting if lots of people using mobile phone leave the website when they are on the checkout page. Also is this called bounce rate or something else? Because I thought the bounce rate was leaving the website on first page you see.


Hope you can give me some insights, just new to this!



LeaveRate of Different Devices for certain web pages

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Hi @Peter N


You can certainly get this report from Google Analytics by going to 

Behavior > Site Content > All Pages


Here you will see performance of each page of your site. Search your checkout page in the search box, you will get to see the performance (Pageviews, Unique pageviews, Avg Time of Page, Bounce Rate, Entrance, %Exit) of checkout page.


Now click 'Secondary Dimension' and select 'Device category', you will see the Bounce rate broken down by device level.


Bounce Rate is a session in which a user left the site from the entrance page without interacting with the page. but it can also mean that a user left the site after viewing the single page.

Read more about Bounce Rate -