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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Issues on sub-domains reporting

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My company create a new site on, and 2 sub sites like for and for different group of users to use (required login). I'm try to creating the new view for 3 sites and using Add Filter from admin.

Main Domain - (is a landing Page with 2 button to navigate to 2 sub sites)
Sub-domain 1 -
Sub-domain 2 -


Actually I had created the sub-domains tracking view, and created the custom report and filter every sub-domain in different report but the result look like not accurate, because the User > Sessions in individual sub-domain report. Also, I setup goals conversion(by destination URL) but the number shown far different what we track from our own system.


May I know what is the best practice to manage this situation? And my objective here to know the usage from Main domain to 2 individual sites.

Kindly to assist me. Thanks

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Issues on sub-domains reporting

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Hi shyen,

One thing you can do in the new view (3 Sites) where you can have Page displayed as Hostname+Page Path. You can then see the report with full Page URLs:
Eg: /contact-us
After applying filter:
--> ,etc 
For more info :

So that, you can see from the navigation summary report , how many users from went to &
(Also after applying,make sure to check you goal page definition or any other page filters already applied)
(Assuming the session data is less & sampling is not an issue)


Issues on sub-domains reporting

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Hey Shyen, 


There's a few things you should do: 


#1 Sub Domain tracking is automatically tracked with the same Analytics code so you don't have to do any special cross-domain tracking in this situation. 

#2 BUT, you do need to make sure that you are using a referral exclusion for your 3 domains so that a new session or source/medium is triggered when moving between domains. Here's an article on this:


Additionally, if you're operating a member website with a password gateway then i suggest that you look into using the User-ID feature.


Let me know if this helps! 

- Josh 

Joshua, Rising Star
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Issues on sub-domains reporting

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Hi Ritwik & Joshua,


Thanks for your prompt replied.


Yes, I had creating only one GA's property & ID for the domain & sub-domains, and I able to get back the full URL ( & from the report too by now.


But I would like to set the goal to a destination (, but we required users to fill in the form by steps, 

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:



So I created the Goal > Custom > Destination page > adding in the steps, my question is should I put the full URL here or just /a, /b, /c & /abc only? the reason I concern because the sub-directory look same for another sub-domain too.


Another thing here, for best practice is it using "Users" as the tracking metrics instead of "Sessions", because I found the Users result is greater than Sessions. 


Appreciate your reply.



Issues on sub-domains reporting

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Hi Shyen,

If you have the view changed to Full URL then include full URL. Click on 'verify this goal' before saving to see of data is getting collected.

Now about Users and sessions, its usage is relative & will depend on the scenario.
Personally, I use Users as tracking metric. If you segment 'Users containing paid channel', it will show all the sessions in which user had one of the channel as paid.(resulting in more sessions,pageviews,goal completions,etc Smiley Happy )
if its 'session containing paid' it will only show the session having channel paid.

Depends on, what data you want and how you want it.
Hope this helps.