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How to create an Enhanced eCommerce Segment

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I need to create a segment of sessions based on eCommerce action. I need to select sessions where visitors added to cart products with two dofferent Product Variant (same session).

In other words I need a segment:



        visitor Added to Cart at least one product with Product Variation==yellow

        AND during this sessions same visitor also Added To cart at least one product with Product Variation==green.


But I can't' understand how to create such type os Segment in the Interface?












Will the following Segment correct?

both segemtn.png


Does {Product Variant contains Green


         Quantity Added to Cart >=1}

mean that this segment selects only those session, where user added some green product to cart?

Re: How to create an Enhanced eCommerce Segment

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If you want to use "AND" or "OR" Conditions, you should do your segment in Conditions and Sequences. (Second Screen shots is true place)
Here is the details

i am asking for understand true. You want create a segment who add product to cart yellow AND green in same during session? This yellow and green products should be added in same (one) session right?
If so, i guess your segment correct and will work. Cos if i am not wrong multiple filters in same category are joined with AND logic.
Aditional way; you can use in your first screenshot interface, product variant segment with "matches regex" for two variant. ^\Qyellow\E|\Qgreen\E$