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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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How to build a report based on certain SKU?

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I tried to built a custom report based on a choice of SKUs and used the filters for it.

I included for each SKU a seperate filter. If I look on the report created I won't see any results.

If I use only one SKU I see results. 

How can I base my report on several SKUs?



Re: How to build a report based on certain SKU?

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Hi Kerstin,
I am assuming that you created your report with filters by adding a new filter row for each product SKU
This won't work because filter order matters
Once the data was filtered for one product SKU it wont find other SKUs since they were already filtered out

what you would need to do is create a regex for your filter id and in the filter option instead of using EXACT use matching/matches regex
and add your created regex

you can create a regex that matches your required SKU using this