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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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How to Create An Analytics Report on Paid Traffic with 404 Errors

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Hi There, 


I went down to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages > Selected Page Title > Searched 404 > Added a Secondary Dimenson: Traffic Type > Selected the "404 Not Found" data with Traffic Type "Paid" > Added another secondary dimension "Campaign" to see if I could find any links within my AdWords account that were bringing people to 404 pages. Had some luck with the results but then I saw that there were other links that had "(not set)" indicated under the campaign column. 


I was just wondering what these links were if they weren't part of any campaign and why they were appearing under paid traffic. Could this be other landing pages that my paid traffic visitors are going to after clicking on my ads? Also, if a URL is listed on this page and has campaign info with it, does it necessarily mean that this URL is currently being used by an ad? I just wanted to know in case these were actually links I needed to update from within my current ads or not. 


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How to Create An Analytics Report on Paid Traffic with 404 Errors

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Hi Angela,


After you replace your secondary dimension (where you select paid), with a new secondary dimension of campaign, you are looking at all traffic, now just paid.  The not set is traffic that is not from a custom campaign, like direct, etc.


Apply the default paid segment and take a look at the campaign secondary dimension.   (LMK if you need help with this.)





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