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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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How do exclusions effect multiple users behind an external IP?

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I've excluded a handful of IP addresses for different office networks my company uses.


I expected to see many traffic signals change, but was surprised by how big the shifts were.

The only thing that could account for the size of the shifts is if unique employees behind the IP address were previously being counted as many different unique users.


My office uses Google Apps, which means every users has a google account, which they are logged into almost all the time.

Plus the office has a secure wireless network that consultants and guests use.

Even though they are all coming from the same small set of IPs, are they being counted as hundreds of unique users?

When reporting on unique users, does analytics rely on IP Address, Google Accounts or some combination of the two?

Alternately, is there something I'm missing?



Re: How do exclusions effect multiple users behind an external IP?

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I think it is a combination and that the logins come in to make it more accurate as it'll count multiple users from one IP address as some ISPs rotate IPs so they may be different people.
I know this is not an ideal answer - i am interested in following the thread.