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How do I not lose past data after company move and new filter internal IP's setup?

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We just moved locations and I have received a new set of IP's from the IT dept to filter out our internal traffic from our analytics data. I can't seem to find any information on how to properly set this up in a new filter without losing all of the data prior to the move. I copied the filter with all of the filters and added new custom filters for the various ip's using the proper regex expressions that exclude the banks of IP's. The data is showing 0 the second I copy the original view. Anyone know of a way I can keep my prior data and add a new filter ? 


After thinking before posting this I would like to confirm if what I am thinking is correct in how to do this. 

1. Copy view. (done)

2. Add new filters to newly copied view. (done)

3. Wait a period of time. 

4. Compare previous building's view to unfiltered view to estimate how much traffic was being filtered.

5. See if test view compared to unfiltered view is currently pulling in data with expected amount of filtered traffic.

6. Apply current filters in the test view to previous view and either turn off the old building's ip filters (or just leave them alone)


I think this should work if anyone can confirm that's the best method?


I might have a secondary issue... I set up the copy of the prior view with the new filters for the banks of new ip's 3 days ago and I'm getting no data still. Is this normal? I read it should only be 24-48 hours.


Any help here is most appreciated.


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How do I not lose past data after company move and new filter internal IP's setup?

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Hi Ivyan,


If you create a new view it will only have data moving forward.  If all you have done is changed internal IP ranges, there really is no need for a new view. 


If you have a custom filter, you can add these new IP ranges to the end of the filter pattern by adding a pipe "|" e.g.  existing ip is


and pattern is:



and you want to add

Your new pattern could be 13\.12\.11\.10|20\.19\.18\.17


The best thing to do is, in a test view, create the new filter pattern as an INCLUDE filter (this is the only way to see if your pattern matches) and if you get data that matches you internal traffic; then change to exclude and apply it to you existing analysis views.


As always you should have an unfiltered view in which all of your data collects and no filters are ever applied.




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How do I not lose past data after company move and new filter internal IP's setup?

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You shouldn't create a new view because your office changed. Just go in Admin/Filters, find the filter for your old IP address and change it to the new one. Voilà! Smiley Happy

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