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How can I see how much traffic starts at our blog ( ?

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I want to see how much effect Natural Search arriving at our blog has on our site?


So a user might do an internet search >  land on our blog > then browse to our main page.

or they might have a path like:


search > blog > signup for newsletter >  click link  (newsletter links all have ?utm_ fields so they are fairly trackable)


Currently, links from our blog pages don't have tracking parameters (?utm_source, etc.). Perhaps I need to add those.



Site architecture:






Site is:





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How can I see how much traffic starts at our blog ( ?

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Hi @MrAnalogy,


You can look at the landing page report

Behavior > Site Content > Landing Pages > filter the pages that contain /blog/


You can also check the User Flow report.

Audience > User Flow(at the bottom) > Select Landing page from the green drop-down > click on the small gear icon > "+Add item" > change equals for contains > enter "/blog/" in Expression


Hope it helps,


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How can I see how much traffic starts at our blog ( ?

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Hello @MrAnalogy,

You can use the Users Flow report which is a graphical representation of the paths users took through your site, from the source, through the various pages, and where along their paths they exited your site. The Users Flow report lets you compare volumes of traffic from different sources, examine traffic patterns through your site, and troubleshoot the efficacy of your site.

The Users Flow visualization lets you see:

    • The relative volume of traffic to your site by the dimension you choose (e,g., traffic sources, campaign, browser)


    • The relative volume of pageviews per page or collection of pages


  • Specific metrics for connections, nodes, and node exits when you hover over them

The Users Flow report is very similar to the Behavior Flow report; however, the Users Flow is focused on the pages your users visit, whereas the Behavior report also includes Events and Content Groupings.


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