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How can I divide the event value of one event by another?

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I've created a new Calculated Metric but being that my metrics in question are custom and named by me in the app, I can't specify which two metrics I want to perform the calculation on.

I can create a Calculated Metric that divides one event value by another eg {{Event Value}} / {{Event Value}}, but I don't see how I can define which events to use.


My goal is to take a metric I have that measures how long users spend in a certain area of the app, and divide it by the number of actions they take in order to get the average time a user spends in this area grouped by the organisations the users are in, then displayed on a dashboard


How can this be done?



Re: How can I divide the event value of one event by another?

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Hey Shea,
I think this is not possible but what you can try is
you can create it like {{Metrics 1}} / {{Metric 2}}
it will be available and working for all dimensions except event dimension(category, action, label)
here is how you can learn a bit more about calculated metrics

My recommendation would be that you create a new custom metrics and do the the calculation app and send the data to GA

Hope this helps,