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Hostname Filter

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I want to understand a bit more about filters within a view.


So basically I learned that to include a Hostname in a view. For example I have a website and if you click on a tab called spa it redirects to a second domain I created two views one for Example and one for Fake Spa Wellness.


Under Fake Spa Wellness view I included and under Example View I excluded w


The way I did it was like Picture 1; however later I saw online set up like picture 2. I wanted to know if there is a difference between them and which one is better?



Picture One.pngPicture Two.png



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Re: Hostname Filter

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Hi Eva

I am not able to see your pictures, maybe you can describe them?

From what you are saying i would make filters for the views as follows:


Example view: include

Fake Spa Wellness view: include



Re: Hostname Filter

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Hi Eva,


No image unfortunately.  @Jonas Ø gave you good advice for each.  I want to add that you should also have an unfiltered view to which no filters are applied, a testing view where you test new filters (filters are destructive) and, perhaps, a view that includes both domains directly with a hostname filter that includes both.  The pattern for such a filter would be:




You may also want to consider cross domain tracking to preserve your referrer or at the very least, add each domain to the Referral Exclusion list in Admin>Property >> Tracking Info




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