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Help With Segment Conditions

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Hi, we're trying to set segments and cannot figure out why it continues to include pages that should not be listed.


The condition we are using is below:




And the pages it's listing are below. How do we get it to only show items that start with "/jm/" and not "/en-JM/", "en.html", "/tt/en/", etc.





Re: Help With Segment Conditions

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When you set a segment based on a pageview it includes all sessions with this pageview. But these sessions could includes other pageviews too.
That's why you see other pages in the report.

What exactly do you want to accomplish?

Re: Help With Segment Conditions

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We're trying to use segments to accomplish: (1) segment limiting data to a pages from specific subdirectory, (2) segment limiting data to pages of a child subdirectory of #1 prior, (3) segment limiting data to a pages that includes segment #1 but excludes segment #2.


For instance:

Segment 1: Include: /jm/

Segment 2: Include: /jm/play/ & /jm/Play.html

Segment 3: Include: /jm/ AND Exclude: /jm/play/ & /jm/Play.html


Thank you.

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Re: Help With Segment Conditions

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Segments are scoped at either the User or the Session level. So when you build a segment you are defining the attributes that a User or Session must have to be included in the segment.

What you need to do is build your report and then apply filters to the report based on what you want.