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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Grouping parent and children pages with short URL's?

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Hi, this topic may well have been covered before, and if so apologies, I've been searching for answers all morning and haven't managed to find what I'm looking for so far, certainly doesn't mean to say it isn't out there!


So my question is in regards to content grouping, however, the URL's on the site I'm wanting to set this up on are all short links that don't show any heirarchical info within the URL, they just show:<page-title>, rather than something like:<page-title>.


I need to set something up in analytics that will easily group together and show us the stats for all our podcast pages, there are over 100 individual pages. But as far as I can tell, without some kind of identifier, this seems quite difficult? I've been informed bosses wouldn't be keen to set up a new analytic tracking code just for the podcast pages, or add in at least some heirarchical info to act as an identifier. I've looked at views, filters and segments, though none seemed to do what I was wanting, although this could well be down to user error more than anything, still relatively new into Google Analytics.


Any help or suggestions for things to go read/research would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Grouping parent and children pages with short URL's?

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Hi Mike,

You may bundle together any pages by Analytics Content Grouping with page-URL rule-set method [1] with a regular expression using 'OR' ('|') operators. However, with more than 100 pages, the expression might get a little lengthy ...

Might be easier to use content grouping with a page-title rule set instead of page URLs. You just would have to include an unique identifier like 'Research Podcasts' in your HTML page title and filter for them accordingly.