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Grouping by child category instead of page?

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Hey all,


I'm currently working on a site that is a news aggregator. Some of the articles posted are paid advertisements (not AdWords, these are actual articles, just paid for to get more exposure). The news articles are posted to the website, which is on WordPress, as blog posts. All ad posts are under the category "Advertisements" (*), with the child category of the name of the advertiser. The owners want to be able to see how each advertiser is doing with their various articles, and so I would like to be able to group the pages in their Analytics reports by their particular subheading. 


For example, say an advertiser is named Happy Day Homecare and another is Shower Masters. The URL for their articles would be something like "" and "" I would like to be able to make a filter that lets me see all of the Happy Day Homecare and Shower Masters articles, but grouped within those child headings. 


I know that I can simply make a regex that includes /advertisements/happyday/* and whatnot. But there are many advertisers and I would have to manually add each one to the Analytics view, which would be very tedious. So what I would like is just to be able to automatically generate a list like:





That I can then drill down into in order to see each article posted by those advertisers. Is this possible? Can you group by subheading rather than page? I've seen suggestions of content grouping, but those all seem to still go to endpoint URLs instead of just categories. 



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Re: Grouping by child category instead of page?

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Never mind, I answered my own question by going back through other threads. I didn't know Page Path Levels were actually able to be used as dimension drilldowns, just filters.

Re: Grouping by child category instead of page?

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Hi Rhiannon,

Just FYI, you can still consider content grouping for easier usage, as you leverage the "group by extraction" method. There is no need to manually enter each advertiser as one simple line inside the GA content grouping configuration will do because the URLs is very predictable. Select the "page" parameter and input the value ".*advertisements/(.*)/"

With your current method, it seems you will still have to search for an artist before using the drill down.
And with the method mentioned, you will have a nice list of artist (content group) ready to be selected from once you are inside the appropriate content grouping report.