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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Group/Aggregate/bundle all kinds of "refer a friend" traffic

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Hey guys!


So I'm trying to aggregate all data in analytics. Almost 20% of our product growht comes from our member-get-member program, where each member have a unique link they can hand out to their friends. The links look something like and Seeing as they all start with the date the account was created, It was fairly easy to create a segment of all that traffic by filtering on "landing page > including > ?201". 


However, I want to group all that traffic together in some way so I can compare this easier in all kinds of views, but mainly the acquisition > source/medium report. Any ideas on how to do this?


1. How would you guys tag it? Mark it as a source, campaign, ad content..? Marking it as source was my first thought, but on the other I still want to know _where_ the unique referrer link was clicked on. 

2. How do I go about to actually tag it properly? Creating a custom filter, content grouping, channel grouping..? Something else?


Thanks in advance guys!



Group/Aggregate/bundle all kinds of "refer a friend" traffic

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Hi Gustav,

I suggest you to use Advanced View filter to set a custom user level dimension for this kind of users. In this way you'll keep all the original source and medium data and could compare these users to others in reports.
more on advanced filters

The only drawback of this approach is that filters are not retroactive and will collect the data only since the moment they are created.