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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Hi guys, I have a situation and I'd like share with you because could help someone else. Just for contextualize me and my friends have a Startup, nowadays we are producting the new version of our website. So we want to prepare the whole ambiente of collecting data, with the goal of initiet with the max of direction and achieviment.


My question is: In the general form, what do you suggest me to get the best start possible with the numerous tools provided by Analytics?


Thank you all!


Google Analytics

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Hi @Equipe O


I am not sure what exactly you mean by 'tools' but if you are referring to GA reports, it depends on your business and your website.


If you are asking for google related tools, I suggest you to use:

* Google Analytics (of course Smiley Very Happy )
* Google Tag Manager: You can easily manage your Google Analytics and other tags and scripts.

* Search Console: Especially if your website will have/need organic users.

* Google Optimize (not my favorite though but free Smiley Happy ) : You can perform A/B testing to increase your conversion


On top of these, I strongly suggest you to use A/B testing (Google Optimize or another) and qualitative analysis tools that has heatmap, user polls, survey etc.


I hope this helps.



Google Analytics

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Hi Guney K.


Thanks for answer me, I'll search about what you mentioned, certainly it'll help us.


I get it when you said that the reports of GA depends on my business and my website, we are basicly a Startup that gonna sell services, if you have any essencials tips about metrics and goals that we can't let out, you'll help us even more.


Thanks a lot!