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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Filtering with empty value

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I'm developing some GA with java to query and insert some data in my database for one app of my business. I usyally use Query Explorer to check the returned values and then I code them in my main app.


My problem is, that some dimensions does not return any value (such as Gender or Age of the user, as well as some custom dimensions), this force a "No results found" in my app. I want to filter some of this data in the way to show only data if the value is not empty, or null.


For example, I query 6 dimensions (including userGender). The result of the query is 0 results. If I remove the dimension of userGender, the query returns some values. I want to filter the userGender in some way that allows me to query all the dimensions if userGender returns 0, null or is empty.