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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Filtering for only internal traffic by IP address

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I've just started a new job at a company and I'm trying to get a measure of the audiences using their website, pending a large redevelopment project.


They had a GA account set up but it wasn't used - no filters in place or anything. I've taken it over and set up several new views to filter on a few variables.


One of those views filters out internal traffic using a custom IP filter. Another of those views filters in internal traffic using an identical custom IP filter (i.e. the same regex code) just flipped to 'include'. The reason for this is that I'd like an understanding of what information could be missing from the company's intranet which I'm looking at in a separate project.


The problem that I've got is that I'm seeing a rather large discrepancy between the views:


  • The original raw, unfiltered view shows 11,286 sessions for the last seven days.
  • The view with the exclude IP address filter shows 8,862 sessions.

So, I would have expected that the include IP address filter view would show (11,286-8,862=) 2,424. However, it shows just 79.


What have I done wrong here? Am I misunderstanding how the include filter works?

Re: Filtering for only internal traffic by IP address

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Do you have more than 1 include filter applied to this profile? If that is the case then "the hit must match every applied Include Filter in order to save the hit"
Regards, Nik
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Re: Filtering for only internal traffic by IP address

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Hi Nik - I'm only using one Include Filter to filter multiple addresses.

The filter is set to 'Custom' and the field pattern is the IP addresses that I want to include listed in regex using | alternatives: