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Filtering by When MY Page Was Created

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Hey everyone,


I've tried looking for a solution to this, but just can't find one, and not sure if it exists.


Basically, I want to look at page views for my /articles on my website. We post articles a lot, so I'd like to look at JUST the pages I've published within the past 30 days.


Is there a way I can add a filter to ONLY show pages that have been on my site for 30 days or less?


Just using the filter up top still includes old articles that may still be popular and read in the past 30 days.


Let me know if anyone knows of a solution to this (or knows I can't do this.)


Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Filtering by When MY Page Was Created

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Hi Cate,


I recommend using an advanced segment. I guess, it will be the easiest way to figure it out.


Here's the segment that I created for you:




1) Choose the appropriate date range.

2) Add all the different page paths. Those should be the page paths of your articles (you don't need to use the whole URL).

3) Make sure you use OR, not AND.

4) Click SAVE and start analyzing the results.


Keep in mind, if you use this method, you always need to add all the page paths manually. So if you post 25+ articles per week, it might be time-consuming. That's just one solution.


You can get this segment (template) from here:


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes.


Filtering by When MY Page Was Created

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Thanks for this detailed response! Really appreciate it. I was hoping I wouldn't need to adjust the pages every time, but I'm not surprised.


Again, really helpful. Thanks! Smiley Happy