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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Filtering by Java Compatibility is "Java disabled" same as Javascript disabled?

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    In Google Analytics, I see there is a big percentage of people going out when they get to the first landing page. I´m new to GA so I have some weeks trying to figure it out the reason. 

    I have just realized most of the people going out has "Java disabled" while filtering by Java compatibility. 

    I would like to be sure what does this mean? 

I mean, my website is done with AngularJS. If "Java disabled" means Javascript disabled in the browser, it looks pretty clear that the website is not going to work properly and people will go out. However, I´m not sure, if it´s meaning javascript or the Java plugin in the browsers to run Applets and things like this. This second case, I don´t see any incompatibility with AngularJS.


I attach a screenshot of GA. And if someone wants to help to find out the problem and need more details even access to my GA account, is really welcome!



Roberto.Captura de pantalla 2016-04-20 a la(s) 21.07.42.png

Re: Filtering by Java Compatibility is "Java disabled" same as Javascript disabled?

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Hello Roberto,

Try to see in behavior flow other dimension f.e. campaign and you can see if users from campaign xy have problems with your landing page. Java support mean that they have enabled Java. From security reason some users could disable Java support.