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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Filtering URL parameters without messing stuff up

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I have the problem where URL parameters are causing my pages to appear in many different rows (see image).


This specific example is caused my MailChimp, but there are tons of other URL parameters that come from various sources that are messing up my data.


My solution is to put a find/replace regex filter in my view with this \?.* to remove all parameters. 


My questions is: What unintended consequences will this have? I presume UTM parameters that I intentionally set (source, medium, campaign) will still be processed correctly, is that correct?



Filtering URL parameters without messing stuff up

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Hi Sean,

You're right, UTM parameters will still be processed correctly.

If you exclude all the parameters the only thing is that you'll not see them in GA anymore (maybe they will give you some insights in the future). I recommend keeping one GA view unfiltered so that you can still find this information if it's needed in the future.

Hope this helps.