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Filter with multiple criteria

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I want to create this but as a filter:Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 2.44.09 PM.png


Is this possible?   I only want Linux traffic to be excluding if the OS version is x86_64


I assume as an 'Advanced' filter if so?  

Filter with multiple criteria

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Hi @Sam G


It is not possible to create an Exclude filter that takes two dimensions into consideration.

But you can do a workaround.


1. Create a Custom Dimension (session scope) to store the Operating System AND Operating System Version

2. Create an Advanced filter to retrieve the values of those two dimensions and output them both to your Custom Dimensions

3. Create and Exclude filter to exclude sessions where your Custom Dimension matches your criteria (e.g. Linux X86_64).

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Filter with multiple criteria

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Actually I believe I got it working:


First, create an 'Advanced' filter.  This just creates a new field that is OS Version + Browser Version.  


Field A = (.*)

Field B = (.*) 

Output To -> Custom Field 1 = $A1/$B1


Then create a 2nd filter, that actually 'excludes' the OS Version / Browser Version combination you want. 


Exclude = 55.0.2883.95/x86_64  for example

Re: Filter with multiple criteria

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Yes, same thing, but using the deprecated Custom Field/Vars. Custom Dimensions are the recommended method with Universal Analytics.