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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Filter on pagePath: users vs sessions

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In a dashboard I have two different statistics: users & session. Both have the filter to include when pagePath contains a certain URL. 


The user statistic though reports a higher number than the session statistic and I can't figure out why. 



John visits my site three times:

  1. John visits only the homepage
  2. John visits the homepage and page A
  3. John visits only page A

My filter is page A. I would think John is 1 user that visited page A, so the user stat should report 1. Two of the sessions received a pageview for page A, so the session stat should report 2.


Obviously I am wrong as based on the above users could never report higher than sessions for the same period. What seems to be the thing I didn't think of?

Re: Filter on pagePath: users vs sessions

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Ok, i found that sessions are only counted for the first page in a session. And a user is counted for every page. If that's true (and it seems to be) then: users as reported in the case above should be equal to total unique pageviews of that page A. But it's not (the latter is higher). Why could that be?