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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Filter multiple directories

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I am rather new to GA (although I've used it before many years ago). A lot of concepts are new.


Currently I am analyzing a website for a genealogical society where a large portion of the traffic consist of one specific function (scanning).

It looks likes the rather large number of page views affects all relative figures.


I am thinking about using a filter to separate these 3 directories. However, I would need all figures to be available for either;

a - the total site

b - the directories for the one specific scanning function

c - all other pages.


To make thinks for complicates; this society has 30 separate local entities (directories) that would like to be able to view their own usage-data.


What would be the best approach for this problem?




Re: Filter multiple directories

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Hi Fred, Your best option would be to create a new Analytics VIEW for each directory and then create a filter in each VIEW to only allow sessions that meet your criteria. Be sure to keep your primary view and name it RAW as this one will be the ALL DATA (total site)

Each of these views can then be segmented and have their own goals and settings and also the data can be pulled individually via the Analytics API into a spreadsheet for comparisons.

Re: Filter multiple directories

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you can create multiple views in GA for the same site
you can then set whatever filters or advanced segments (ad seg) you want for that view (i suggest reading up on ad seg)
when you copy a view it starts collecting data from that day does not bring data
so suggest getting a nice clean view many copies then play with filters and ad segs to get what you want.
always keep one view as a raw data bac up with NO filters