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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Filter countries by date.

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# 1
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I want to filter countries according to the date that how many user came from where country on that specific date ?

But in google analytic it only show complete report from the beginning about countries. 

For example on 27-april-2016
10% user came from Pakistan
20% from USA



Can I filter this report like this . According to date

Re: Filter countries by date.

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# 2
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Hi can you give a slightly more detailed example of what you want to achieve
Currently you can see a traffic percentage on a certain day from a given country i.e. usa 20% on 27 April
What would the end result look like of what you want to achieve?

Re: Filter countries by date.

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# 3
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i want to see traffic from on a certain day.
like how many user came from which country on a certain day.
i want just filter countries percentage according to date. if u see in
geo-location section in google analytical
this only show you percentage of users from the beginning of your site.
it just show
70 per from usa
20 per from pakistan
10 per from uk
like this but there is no date mention.
that how many user come from that country on that date.