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Filter by order id

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Hi, everyone!
I have URL
so I need to set up a filter for this part of URL /0b0074fc-c4de-4b28/ for have a report's with just

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Filter by order id

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Hi Anatoliy,

Here's a way:

  • Filter A: Request URI: (/sometest2)(/[^/]+)(.*)
  • Output To: Request URI: A1A2

This will look for links with /sometest2 and remove the part of the link until next /

Note that if you have a link like /sometest2/usefulstuff/somethingelse, it will be replaced too and become /sometest2/somethingelse... If you have cases like this, let me know and I can provide you a more robust regex.


As always, you should have a 3 views:

  1. a raw, unfiltered one
  2. a test view
  3. a production view

Enable this filter on the test view and make sure it works as you expect before applying it to your production Smiley Wink




Filter by order id

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i will test it