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Ask questions about filter set-up and issues with using filters in Google Analytics reports
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Excluding two pages from my reporting

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I have two pages on my site that I need to remove from my overall reporting.


They are 2 pages that we know are from referring dentists and their patients. Its skews the other reports. How do I go about viewing the overall site metrics excluding those two URLs?


Thank you!

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Re: Excluding two pages from my reporting

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Hi Lisa V,

One option would be to create an Exclude filter that excludes the request URIs (ie. the pages) that you specify. To do this, go to your View that you want to apply this filter to, and then select Filters > Add Filter > Create a new custom filter where the Filter Field is "Request URI". Enter the pattern for the pages you want to exclude. Verify and then save.

The filter will only be applied moving forward, so you will need to wait for a bit for data to come in.

Hope this helps.
Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Re: Excluding two pages from my reporting

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add a filter - but that is permanent and forward only (cannot go back and get the data/only works from now)
or just set up custom segments that exclude them - doe not effect core data collection + can be used to look back at existing data for analysis


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